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Cyber Army at Gehennas 03:08
2012-01-08 21:01:29
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Saturday, 02 July 2011


Welcome to Cyber Army, a new guild with a very old tradition! The years of experience culminated with the guild that above all cherishes true values of World of Warcraft - friendship and fun. We are all gathered here to enjoy in a relaxed and family atmosphere and to spend enjoyable evening with friends, after a hard day at work. We are still a Raiding guild, but raiding is not our main priority, and it is not obligatory. Raids are announced in advance on our Raiding Calendar, so feel free to apply for the ones you would like to attend. Unless you applied for a Raid, you will not be required or expected to show up and you may as well choose to fish in Dalaran instead, or pick flowers, if that is what you feel like doing. Still, if you do apply for a raid, please try to stay true to the commitment you made, as other people will be counting on you to show up. Friendship remains our main focus and all the members in this guild are old friends. If you want to enter this guild do not bother to apply, unless you have a close friend inside who is ready to guarantee for you, not that you are only a good player, but more importantly a good person. Those who come to us as members will stay with as a family. Once again, welcome to Cyber Army!


Friday, 05 August 2011 by Aion

Patch 4.3, Cataclysm's final major content patch, is
right around the corner, and Deathwing himself is waiting for you! It promises
to bring exciting new adventures in both 5-man dungeons and 10- and 25-man
raids. The patch will also introduce an all-new Darkmoon Faire, the
transmogrification system, and the Raid Finder, a random Dungeon Finder tool for
raid groups.

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Monday, 04 July 2011 by Aion
Monday, 04 July 2011 by Aion


welcome to my group
Last replied by Aion on Monday, 16 January 2012 Fall of Deathwing The Raid Finder has more people than ever filling World of Warcraft's raiding zones with players, adventure, loot, and fun. With more accessible dungeons comes the potential for explanation issues -- raiding is still about communication, even in the Raid Finder. Here is a quick look at the last four bosses of the Dragon Soul raid that you can use for great success in the Raid Finder. For tips for the first four bosses in the Dragon Soul raid, The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple, please check out our first guide. First, here are some quick Raid Finder facts: No lockouts. Participating in the Raid Finder will not lock you out from doing the raid on 10- or 25-man with your guild or group, nor will it lock you out from loot for these instances. You only get to roll on loot once per boss per week. You can fight bosses multiple times but are only eligible for loot on the first kill. Get 250 valor points for completing the raid wing. Two tanks, six healers, 17 DPSers are needed for a Raid Finder raid. You can queue up in Raid Finder with your Real ID friends across servers. :) This is only test post
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